Powder Mix Paint by Alireza Jajarmi

Alireza Jajarmi Reveals The Crew Powder Mix Paint

Alireza Jajarmi, the architect of the displayed design Alireza Jajarmi's Crew Powder Mix Paint spells out, This concept project intends to be innovative in the paint market. “Crew” is a biodegradable powder-mix paint company that produces <Cropped>

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Alcoholic Bottle by Red Design Consultants

Red Design Consultants Discloses The Metaxa Grande Fine Alcoholic Bottle

Red Design Consultants, the project leader of the award winning work METAXA GRANDE FINE by Red Design Consultants says, Metaxa Grande Fine pays tribute to Greece and its aspirational way of living. The original white porcelain decanter, decorated wit <Cropped>

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Magnifying Vase by Feng Zhe

Feng Zhe Creates The Magnifying Vase Physically Enlarge The The Bottle Mouth

Feng Zhe, the lead designer of the award winning design physically enlarge the the bottle mouth.:Magnifying Vase by Feng Zhe explains, According to the law of how people perceive the shape of an object, we set a ring at the top of the vase and physic <Cropped>

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Design Excellence Awards 2020

The Design Excellence Awards 2020 Is An Interior Design Competition Organised by The Interior Design Confederation of Singapore That Offers Cash Prizes, Keynote Speaking Engagements and Publicity For Winners With Media Partners Like Home & Decor, Houz

The design excellence awards 2020 is an interior design competition organised by the interior design confederation of singapore that offers cash prizes, keynote speaking engagements and publicity for winners with media partners like home & decor, <Cropped>

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Joao O & Rita Machado's Treeplets Public Leisure

Joao O & Rita Machado Designs The Treeplets Public Leisure

Joao O & Rita Machado, the architect of the awarded project Treeplets by Joao O & Rita Machado explains, This temporary bamboo structure is a public space intervention envisioned to fulfill three different possibilities of a future that are <Cropped>

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Genesys Spine's Ais-C Stand Alone System

Genesys Spine Discloses The Ais-C Stand Alone System

Genesys Spine, the project leader of the displayed design Stand Alone System by Genesys Spine explains, The AIS-C Stand-Alone System is a first of its kind, non-screw based, zero-profile, direct-anterior stand-alone interbody system for the cervical <Cropped>

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Award Winning Floating and Balancing Interior Design

Shi-Zhe Luo Designs The Floating and Balancing Interior Design

Shi-Zhe Luo, the thinktank behind the awarded design Interior Design:Floating and Balancing by Shi-Zhe Luo explicates, The architecture located in Taichung City, in this project, is a luxury apartment. The sloping design, applied to both building fac <Cropped>

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Residential House:the Style of Modern Oriental by Karen Lin

Karen Lin Designs The The Style of Modern Oriental Residential House

Karen Lin, the thinktank behind the awarded design Residential House by Karen Lin explains, Shape and color are the points of convergence from the surface to the intrinsic texture. A lot of color interpret the oriental space, and hope that those who <Cropped>

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Online Commercial by Sylvain Borgarino

Sylvain Borgarino Presents The Sisley Phyto-Touche Online Commercial

Sylvain Borgarino, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Sisley Phyto-Touche - Online commercial by Sylvain Borgarino spells out, This online commercial was created for the release of the new sun glow powder range Phyto-Touche by the cosme <Cropped>

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Preaker's Huangran Traditional Preserved Duck Packaging

Preaker Exhibits The Huangran Traditional Preserved Duck Packaging

Preaker, the architect of the awarded work HuangRan - Traditional Preserved Duck Packaging by Preaker explicates, The design idea of the packaging comes from a duck breeder with a broken sack on his back in the Chinese market in the 20th century, Duc <Cropped>

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